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Awkward Auction Activities Part 2 Member: FREE 15 June 2018, 10am-11am

You will hear from Jesse Davidson, James Pratt and Briannan Davis on part two of what to do when the unexpected happens at your auction. In this follow up webinar, the team will delve in deeper into the following topics to provide you with more helpful information. 

In particular the team will cover:

  • Imagine that on auction day you only have one registered bidder? What happens? Do you have to run the auction?
  • What is the law surrounding conducting the auction on the day, calling for bids, passing in? 
  • What can happen if you don’t run the auction on auction day but you sell the property by way of an exchange of contracts? In this scenario, what do selling agents do and why / what motivates them? 
  • What do you do if a buyer has an authorised bidder register on their behalf but then the buyer themselves turns up on auction day and registers to bid? Is this legal, is this collusion? 
  • What are the different types of bidding strategies that buyers use?

After you have registered for the Awkward Auction Activities Part 2 Webinar, please click here to watch Awkward Auction Activities Part 1 if you have not already seen it.

Jesse Davidson is a senior auctioneer with auctionWORKS. Upon completing his Bachelor in Business early in 2009, Jesse accepted a position with auctionWORKS. Soon after, Jesse entered and won the REINSW’s Novice Auctioneering Competition in 2010. More recently he won the 2015 REINSW Awards for Excellence in Auctioneering and was a finalist in the 2016 event. Jesse was also part of the NSW winning team in the recently-held State of Origin Auctioneering Competition, beating Queensland, and is the current Chairperson of the REINSW’s Auctioneers Chapter committee.

James Pratt is the CEO of the JPA group and auctions across Australia and Internationally. Outside of the JPA group James also serves as the global auctioneer ambassador for mega Chinese real estate portal Juwai, was a finalist in the 2017 REB auctioneer of the year award and won the REINSW John Hill award in 2014. Other honours for James include, winning the 2013 McGrath Auctioneer of the Year award, representing The Real Estate Institute of Australia as a representative judge since 2014, as well as being a former chair of REINSW auctioneers.

Briannan Davis is an integral member of the Cooley Auctions award-winning team with an approach focused on enthusiasm, integrity and commitment. Briannan’s 15 years experience in Speech and Drama, a degree in Media and Communication and an extensive career as a real estate agent combine the perfect background for a successful auctioneer. Briannan was selected as a finalist in the 2017 REINSW Awards for Excellence Auction Competition. Briannan prides herself on strong communication and interpersonal skills. Her ability to drive an auction and read her audience is tribute to her distinctive practice and education.

Mental Health and Property Management Member: FREE 19 June 2018, 11am-12pm

In this free member webinar, you will learn how to better manage tenancies involving people affected by mental illness, whether they are new tenancies, or existing tenancies becoming compromised. Experts in their fields will discuss how mental health problems can impact anybody in the community, and how long and successful tenancies can yet be achieved in such context. 

In particular you will learn about:

  • Brief overview of the main types of mental illness
  • Strategies to contribute to the success of these tenancies
  • Response to trauma and distress in your tenants and effective communication
  • What to do when there are concerns about someone’s safety
  • Relevant contact details and the benefit of collaborating with community services
  • Lived experience of mental illness and successful tenancies
Guy Dayhew, Project Officer , Northern NSW Local Health District, Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Program (MHEC RAP)
Guy is an Occupational Therapist with 26 years’ experience across city and regional Mental Health Services. He has worked extensively in both inpatient and Community Mental Health settings. 
Guy has been involved with the education of training Occupational Therapists for the majority of his career and worked on the academic staff of The University of Sydney over several years. He is an original member of the Richmond Real Estate Engagement Project, overseeing the Northern NSW Local Health District input into the rollout of annual Mental Health Month education days for Real Estate Property Managers from Lismore and surrounds. He is currently based in Lismore as the Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Program Coordinator for Northern NSW Local Health District. 

Julie Dardel, Project Coordinator, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
Julie has worked for various community services in Sydney since 2008 where she held a diversity of positions in advocacy, education and community development, with a primary focus on issues related to disability and mental health. She holds a Master’s degree of Social Sciences and a Diploma of Disability and Community Services Management. Julie currently works for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, a community centre located in Sydney’s Inner West which has a Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) funded through the NSW Government. She is exploring avenues for the private rental sector and community services to collaborate for the success of compromised tenancies.


Gary Shallala-Hudson, Peer Linker, Ability Links
Gary has been a Peer Consultant since early 2012. He has consulted in many collaborative projects in mental health and the community sector with services including Grow, C3A (Consumer Advisory, Advocacy and Action), Partners in Recovery, NNSW District Mental Health, Being NSW and Social Futures. Gary is currently working at Ability Links, a service working towards the inclusion of people with disability in the community. He also took part in an initiative called “Trauma Informed Tenancy Management” through which he shared with Real Estate Agents his lived experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, homelessness, recovery and tenancy.
Do you need a Business Development Manager Member: FREE 4 July 2018, 11am-12pm In this free member webinar, you will hear from industry professionals on business development within the business and as a Business Development Manager. Including the roles and responsibilities of a manager, a day in the life and KPI’s.
In particular you will learn about:
  • Structures
  • Research – knowing the area and canvassing for new managements
  • n ideal week – what does it look like?
  • Big agency vs. small agency – what are the differences in the BDM sector?
  • In smaller agencies the PM does the BDM work. How successful is this approach and how is best to manage the dual role?
  • When does the BDM introduce the owner to the PM and handover the management?
  • Pros and Cons of BDM work
  • Challenges in this area of practice – what are they and how do you handle them as a BDM?
Tiana Mueller’s career began in 2010 where she started as a Property Officer for a leading building and property management company in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Tiana’s enthusiasm grew for the real estate industry and she was soon promoted to the role of Property Manager and then went on to become a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Tiana is very involved with the REINSW and has been nominated for various awards over the years such as, REINSW’s Finalist for Property Manager of the Year in 2015.

Suzie Hamilton-Flanagan’s career spans 30 years and has seen her hold senior management and mentoring roles in the Real Estate and Property Management industry. Her passion for Real Estate lead her to a Property Management career starting at Adelaide Agency Colley & Co. She then moved on to sales for the next 6 years where she sold her first two-million-dollar property within eighteen months. 

Chantelle Vlastuin has been in the real estate industry for over 18 years where she has spent most of her time in the Property Management services area. She is used to dealing with a wide range of clients and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of the industry with them. 

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